“Clifford is no doubt the best in this industry. He has an impressive repertoire, which is easily shown through his work. I told him that I was unhappy with my dead ends from the ombre I had before, but that I was avoiding getting a haircut because I wanted to preserve my long hair -- Well of course he had a solution: he would put toner in my hair, and educated me that toner would temporarily fill the breakage in the follicle (or something like that) so I wouldn't need a cut! (And it worked!) After he finished my hair, he quickly brushed a tiny brush of makeup on my face, and no joke, I looked so good I could barely recognize myself -- I looked natural and RADIANT! Clifford educated me that in order to bring depth and color to my eyes, he just added a slight touch of warm shimmer on my lids."

Sheena N.

"Clifford does it again! I show up to my appointment yesterday feeling like a worn down, exhausted mother of two...I leave the appointment feeling like a super model. Clifford truly has a gift. Yesterday, I had him do highlights and a haircut. My hair looked amazing!!! I had mentioned to him that I was going on a date with my husband after my appointment so he did my makeup as well...I felt soooooo pretty! He makes you look and feel so good. I've been seeing Clifford for years and I can't recommend him enough. He also did my hair and make-up for my wedding weekend. Wow!!!! Talk about making a woman look fabulous!! Thank you, Clifford!!!"

Anna S.

“I was searching for someone who really understands long curly hair and Clifford is an expert! He understood my haircut needs easily and gave me a gorgeous cut in his nicely decorate private salon. I highly recommend him for his talent, vision, and ultimately the full luxurious experience."

Samina D.

“Clifford is a god among men in the hair world. He has worked with many celebrities and models in the past, and his experience is obvious when he works on your hair. He is 100% attentive to you during your one hour appointment, giving great suggestions and also giving you tips on styling your own hair. During my appointment he played videos of beautiful fashion week shows, loved it! I showed him a picture of what I wanted beforehand, and what I got was even better. I used the Yelp deal, but he definitely gives you your money's worth. He styled my hair perfectly, even flat ironing it which will cost you extra at a lot of places."

Shabnam E.

“Clifford has styled my hair several times--when I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding, when I desperately needed a cut and color update, and when I got married this year. I have always found him to be a true gentleman and remarkably skilled at what he does. For my wedding, he understood immediately the look I was going for--easy, soft, red-carpet curls and glamorous yet natural makeup. I wanted to look like myself, only elevated. This was exactly what Clifford delivered. I was so pleased! I also appreciate that Clifford works with a quiet confidence and so efficiently. He was able to style my hair and makeup as well as my mother's hair and makeup, my mother-in-law's hair, and my sister's hair within a couple of hours. He then volunteered to style the hair of two of my friends who were hanging out with us because he had the extra time. Everyone looked gorgeous!"

Lindsey J.

"Clifford really took his time to understand what I wanted before getting started on my new summer color, then dove in. He made sure I was comfortable in his adorable studio, was a pleasure to chat with, and created a great natural looking color. He finished it off with a beautiful style. Loving these long flowing waves he gave me (quite a feat since I have tons of really curly hair that wants to shrink up, not flow). He has great stories of his time styling celebs around the world and I will definitely be coming back for coloring and styling in the future -- and I'm actually looking forward to it!"

Kaitlin K.

“Clifford is amazing!!! He is an artist who has perfected his craft and has a lot of passion for it. He went above and beyond today when I came in to get a balayage dye. Plus his studio is ridiculously fun - it's private and I got to watch a ton of Madonna videos. The whole experience felt very glamorous! So happy I found him- truly blown away which is what inspired me to write my first review :)"

Sheel G.

"I've had Clifford do my hair & makeup a couple of times for special occasions and he is awesome at making a gal "red carpet ready". Not that I'm going down a red carpet, but you know when you need that added bit of confidence....accompanying the husband to a college reunion.....things like that? Terrific! I was so pleased recently when I worked with him on shopping and wardrobe selection for a weekend long business event. It was a pleasure to whiz through stores and get a lesson in "what to wear". He knew where all the good deals were around Union Square AND what would look good on me, so we were able to do it very quickly (thank god, because I hate shopping) and efficiently. Looking forward to my next adventure with Clifford!"

Gwynnie P.

"Clifford is among the very best, and certainly an affordable price for a haircut that will frame your face perfectly. I've been getting my haircut from him for nearly five years. It never fails, each time I do, I get an overwhelmingly high amount of compliments for weeks afterwards. He is truly an artist! Your hair will grow out nicely between cuts, too. He gladly offers tips on how to style as well."

Maryssa S.

"My daughter booked Clifford to do the makeup for her wedding, and I went for a makeup lesson from him in advance because I wanted to be sure I liked his work before committing to it for such a big event. My expectations were pretty low, because it seemed to me that historically my makeup efforts did help me look a little better, but not enough to warrant the effort involved. I now have a completely different view of makeup: if you know what to use and how to put it on, you can look AMAZING! By the time he finished the makeup and re-blowing my hair, I hardly recognized the face in the mirror. He explained everything he was doing, and why it was important, and recommended products that I could buy at Target for $4 and online for not more than $20. This makeup doesn't just look good in photographs--it looks good out there in sunlight in mid-day. Clifford can make any woman look beautiful, and with what he taught me I can now put it on myself in about 10 minutes. My new hairstyle is much more youthful and feminine and still very easy-care. His work brought rave reviews by everyone at the wedding--we were all really happy with the whole experience."

Nancy K.

"Clifford is a gem! He wants to make you look and feel your best, you will leave the salon looking and feeling like a movie star - I always do! Clifford is a very talented stylist/artist. He is on point with the lastest looks and trends, and he is happy to spend time showing you "how to's" to styling at home. He has helped me refine my style and update my look, and I am so pleased to have found him! My days of salon hopping are over, I am a devotee!"

Molly R.

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