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For over 20 years, Clifford Hashimoto has dazzled the fashion world with his stunning creations. Armed with an impeccable talent for personal styling, his remarkable gift for hair and makeup has adorned countless editorial, commercial and print works, taking him everywhere from New York and Miami to Paris and Milan. Clifford’s skillful work has been displayed on many of the most recognizable stars of our time, including Virginia Madsen, Selma Hayek, Annette Benning, Rebecca Romijn and countless others. His work has also been seen on the red carpet and the covers of your favorite magazines.


Clifford’s specialty is chin length to long hair, sculpting glamorous, soft feminine haircuts that best accentuate each woman’s own inherent style. Clifford uses makeup as a way to bring out the individual beauty that lies in every woman’s face. With the addition of wardrobe styling to his repertoire, Clifford passes on his classic, body- and budget- conscious sensibilities.


Clifford Style is a unique company that incorporates every angle of personal style. The goal of Clifford Style is to bring back the girl that still lives inside each woman, the one who loved to dress up and always put her best self forward. Clifford inspires women to take pride in their image and gives them the styling experiences and tools to look in the mirror and love what they see.

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