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What is a home services?

With the latest news coming from the governor

all inside businesses are closed indefinitely

which means all Hair Salons in California . I was never able to open and have had the doors of Clifford Style locked for 4 months now.

A Home Service is having hair services done at your home which would include Haircuts, Hair color and Highlights with Blowouts.

There would be an addition service cost added

to bill for travel and supplies. and travel would

have to be provided for travel out side of San Francisco. ( rental car, Uber or Lyft)

so my questions are

  1. would you want this type of service offered?

  2. would you pay additional fees for services?

  3. could these devices be done and still remain safe and healthy?

  4. would you want these services done in your home? With all safety procedures in place?

please let me know your thoughts and any questions you have on this subject.

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